Electromechanical Services

Electromechanical Services

We can fully manage the HVAC, electrical, mechanical and technical services requirements of your building.

From a small adaptable service contract to a total business solution, including energy management and all other facilities services for your premises; from operation and maintenance with full service level guarantees.

We are providing following services
HVAC system - Absorption, Centrifugal & Screw chillers
Electrical Distribution system
Building Management system
Fire Fighting system - Detection panel, Sprinkler system & Smoke detectors

Future Facility Management Services

  • FFS is one of the growing Facility Management services provider across industry verticals.
  • FFS can deploy skilled/unskilled and trained manpower across all locations.
  • FFS is Supported by the existing banner of Glasscon Systems , a leader in Fa├žade Solutions.